You got my head in the clouds 
I never see you around 
Pour me a shot, make it steam 
My little espresso queen 

Cuz you're the one I want 
You're on my mind and in my dreams 
Just come inside and set me free 

Sometimes you treat me too strong 
The way you feel on my tongue 
Your body's way too obscene 
My little espresso queen 

My bitter, two-filter 'spresso queen 
Ristretto, give me that sweet caffeine 
Iced latte, now I'm addicted to the bean 

Grind me some beans make 'em fine 
It's an aroma define 
You really froth up my cream 
My little espresso queen


Falling down into life 
Not ready to fight the battles of my life 
I'm calling out, I need someone to release 
the stress that lies beneath 
that mask that I put on, I need to be strong 
For the people that count on 
me standing my ground, I'm never looking down 
It's so hard to be someone without giving up your art 
It's all falling apart without you 

When your mind gets scattered 
pick it up, pick it up, yeah


Someone once told me that it's only rain 
It'll pass and it'll come out again 
Never knowing quite when, but just you wait 
Soon you'll feel the warmth on your skin 

Just come on baby 
You just have to wait 
But I can't promise that it won't stop pouring 
So that means you're gonna learn how to dance in the rain 

You know we don't have to do anything 
Lay here with me, look in my eyes 
All I wanna do is hear your voice 
Sing your songs, I won't say a word


Love is something all people share 
You just have a funny way of showing it 

Later in the evening when the sun goes down to die 
Everyone comes marching to lay flowers by her side 
Let's have a celebration to watch the years fly by 
We can drink enough alcohol to leave the memories of last year behind 

Early in the morning as the sun begins to rise 
Everyone is leaving so I close my sleepy eyes 
If I dream about you, my anxiety will climb 
how I wish that New Years Eve could've stopped at 11:59


One day not too far gone 
My youth has fluttered on 
In consequence my innocence died 
And then the intellect 
That comes from having no respect 
Made me see that I'm the wrong kind of...bird 

Why are everyone pigeons 
as far as the eye can see? 
Why are everyone pigeons? 
Everyone except for me 

They fly from here to there 
Taking up space and breathing air and 
Shitting on whatever's behind 
Some evil scientist 
He must have gone and done all this 
I wish I understood, but why try? 

Rats with wings 

He cried "I've got you, Zach" 
And tied my hands behind my back 
Stuffed my mouth so I couldn't scream 
He said, "It seems my evil plan 
To turn everyone avian 
Will take my self esteem and boost it to the extreme" 

And in a rush of wings 
The room exploded with birds 
He never saw it coming 
It all was such a blur 
I guess it's not so bad 
To be the only human around 
I don't have to pay any taxes 
And while they're in the sky I can stay here on the ground

released September 12, 2018 

All songs written & arranged by Pizzle and the Sizzle Sisters: 

Zach Birnbaum - Guitar, Vocals 
Patrick Oberstaedt - Guitar, Trumpet 
Mike Parisi - Bass, Vocals, Kazoo, Pocket Piano, Banjo 
Tim W. Smith - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Pocket Piano 


John Kelly-Keifer - Drums 
Aaron Fagerstrom - Piano 
Keith Chasin - Piano, Synth 
Dylan Anderson - Trumpet 
Sam Dimov - Trombone 
Brandon Dixon - Tenor Saxophone 
Evan Smith - Alto Saxophone 
Tom Whitney - Alto Saxophone 

Album art - Kylie Westerbeck 
Mix / Sound Engineer - Mike Parisi 
Mastering - Sal Mazzotta